About Us


YCS Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company founded by technocrats and scientists having decades of industrial experience in the field of Heat Pump, Polymeric Membranes, Membrane based Separation & Process Technology & Effluent Water Treatment thereby contributing to Green Environment. YCS has full- fledge Manufacturing facility in Pune for Heat Pumps, Specialty Hollow-fiber Membrane Systems, Newgen Heat Transfer and allied process equipments. From conception, right through design, fabrication, delivery and installation, YCS Technologies is capable of executing all the requirements in above mentioned areas on Turnkey basis.

The range of our manufactured products includes Domestic & Industrial Heat Pumps wherein we cater all hot water & hot oil requirements from 50 deg C to 180 deg C.

With our “Specialty hollow-fiber membranes” as a platform technology, our Membrane based solutions comprise of Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Systems, Membrane Distillation (Pervaporation Systems) , Oxygen Enrichment Units, Dehumidifiers, Gravity based Inline & Community water filters for drinking water. The membrane distillation systems are already proven and working for COD removal, Acid Separation, Phenol Recovery, Solvent Recovery & Effluent Treatment etc.

Our innovative solution for enhancing the energy efficiency of heat transfer units comprise of insert elements called as Turbulators. These elements are to be inserted inside the heat exchangers tubes. Turbulators increase Heat transfer efficiency by 30%-40% thereby reducing heat transfer area and footprint.

We have catered our Product and Services to customers from various domain like Hotels, Hospitals, Institutes, Household to Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Alcohol, Ethanol Derivatives, Aromatic, Bio-diesel, Dyes & Intermediates, Oil & Gas within India and to countries like Europe, USA, Australia, UAE, New Zealand, Indonesia & many more…

Our strength lies in our approach towards customers problem by conducting multiple trials at our Lab and Pilot Plant before suggesting the final solution.