YCS Technologies has developed YCS HeetONTM Heat Pump, an efficient solution for heating water. At 75% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to cleaner air, reduced CO2 emission. At YCS we have developed standard models ranging from 50 LPH to 1500 LPH, designed to deliver 60°C water temperature irrespective of the weather conditions. Built on heating optimized scroll compressors to provide seasonal efficient heating capacity and effective hot water production in residential, commercial building and industrial applications. These are available for use with multiple refrigerants like R407C, R134A, R404A and R32. It can operate from a wide ambient temperature from -10 to 50℃.

The patented Multifunctional HeetONTM heat pumps delivers hot water at the temperature of 55 to 60 ℃, cold water at the temperature of 7 to 5 ℃, air cooling, air heating, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and oxygen enrichment i.e over-all air conditioning from a single unit individually as well as simultaneously. The Invention provides a unique, complete and compact solution which caters for the comfort and necessary needs of people.

The Industrial YCSHeetONTM heat pumps are developed to cater the need of Industrial Hot Water Generators upto 90 ℃ and also Hot Oil Generators upto 180 ℃using CO2 compression technology.

Upto 75% energy cost reduction.

Comparison With Other heating Technique