With “Specialty hollow-fiber membranes” as a platform technology, YCS Technologies aims to cater niche-separation needs for the benefit of society and Industry. These hollow fibre membranes are commercially manufactured in our facility. Our membranes are lot more effective than the conventional filter membranes for various Industrial applications, Solvent Recovery, Solvent Distillation, Water or Waste water treatment. Further, these are low maintenance and affordable than the conventional membranes.

We make different size UF modules (domestic to industrial) to cater a domestic as well as industrial capacities.

Our Services

Membrane Distillation

Solvent Recovery & Solvent Distillation

Industrial UF Membranes


Membrane Filtration

COD Removal / TSS Removal / BOD Removal
Color Improvement / Odour Removal

Nitrogen Generation Units

Elevates nitrogen concentration from the atmospheric air to 80-85%, at required pressure.

Oxygen Enrichment Units

Elevates oxygen concentration from the atmospheric air to 40%, at required pressure.

Gas Separation

CO / CO2 Removal
CH 4 Removal

Gravity based Inline & Community Water Filters

The water purification unit works without electricity and is capable of removing impurities from raw water including smallest pathogens like polio viruses and E-coli Bacteria. Insta Blue 360˚ is licensed technology.


Energy efficient combination of membrane permeation and evaporation used for selective separation of solvents based on sorption and diffusion of one of the components through the membrane.

Humidity Control Technologies (Dehumidifiers)

‘Membrane air dryer/dehumidifier’ using its own 'Hollow-fiber membrane technology' separating moisture from compressed air and provides air with RH upto 0.1%.

Sewage treatment plant

YCS Sewage treatment unit removes contaminants from municipal waste water containing House hold sewage or industrial waste water.